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Aurora Enterprises Solves Unique PGP Challenge

Company Helps Anonymizer Create Secure Email Solution For a Confidential Client


•  Wanted to customize PGP Universal product
•  Wanted to add extra layer of security to email transmission
•  Needed to work with vendor experienced in confidential projects


•  Contacted Aurora Enterprises


•  A customization never attempted before was successfully deployed
•  All client’s security concerns addressed

Anonymizer is a global leader in online privacy and identity protection solutions. For more than a decade, the company has provided safe and secure online experiences to millions of global Internet users, as well as security solutions uniquely adapted for corporations and government agencies.

PGP products are an integral part of Anonymizer’s catalog, but sometimes a client will want to take a PGP solution and add to it. That was the case when a confidential client required a very special customization, which Anonymizer alone could not provide. That’s when the company called Aurora Enterprises.

“They wanted to utilize PGP Universal, an email encryption gateway system.  The twist was they wanted to do the reverse of what the box is made to do,” said James Lee, Senior Security Architect for Aurora Enterprises.

“When I was first brought in I just thought I would be installing a standard server, but when I got there Anonymizer brought me into a closed-door meeting and told me they wanted to do something different,” Lee recalled. “I only knew a portion of the overall situation for security reasons, but after two days we were able to adjust the parameters of what the box is capable of doing, so it would fit their requirements of how it would operate with Anonymizer’s product.”

“Aurora was so helpful that we never had to contact PGP directly,” said Anonymizer’s Mike Simpson. “They were very knowledgeable about the product and were able to answer all of our questions. This was a unique situation so if there was something they didn’t know they’d look into it and get back to me. Aurora gave us everything we needed, and at a good price.”

Even today, James Lee doesn’t know all of the details regarding the product he helped to design. “That made it difficult, not having all the information. Most companies wouldn’t even try to do something like this,” Lee said.  “But Aurora has always had a willingness to be a problem solver, and to try and find a solution that fits our clients’ business process. Anything that requires customization, we’ll try to do it.”

Lee does know the primary goal Aurora’s client hoped to achieve – an additional level of email security. “They wanted to integrate the security of PGP into another enterprise grade product, so if someone hacked into their network and tried to steal emails off their email server, they would still be encrypted,” Lee explained. “So we were able to integrate PGP with their proprietary development and assist customers in ways that normally people wouldn’t think of using these products.”

“We continue to use Aurora,” said Mike Simpson. “The cost of PGP equipment is more reasonable going through them than it would be by going to PGP’s website and buying directly. Plus they’re very responsive. When we need to place an order or ask a question or schedule a follow-up, Aurora is always there when we need them.”

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