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Aurora’s 24/7 Managed Helpdesk Improves IT Service at Cormier Chevrolet

• Wanted live round-the-clock response to technology problems
• Wanted fast resolution to software and hardware issues
• Needed to keep IT systems running to avoid downtime

• Access to Aurora’s 24/7 Managed Helpdesk

• Technology issues handled in a prompt, efficient manner
• Reduction of downtime improves productivity and profits

Cormier Chevrolet was founded in 1952 in Long Beach, California. After more than half a century, the dealership has built an outstanding reputation for its vehicle selection, expertise and customer service.

As with almost every other type of business, much of the day-to-day operations of Cormier Chevrolet rely on computers. Approximately 70 employees use 50 computer workstations for everything from running a customer’s credit to accessing vehicle history reports.

“We hired Aurora Enterprises two years ago to handle all of our IT services,” said Cormier’s Alison Ferguson. “They also help us to upgrade our equipment as necessary.”

Sometimes, however, IT problems occur after business hours. When that happens, Cormier employees can contact Aurora’s 24/7 Managed Helpdesk Service, which offers live, US-based, round-the-clock technical support for a wide variety of software and hardware products.

“If a computer breaks down, Aurora is the first call we make,” Ferguson said. “We know that regardless of when we call, there will be someone available to help, even on evenings and weekends.”

“It’s important to offer a 24/7 response, but that’s not enough,” believes Aurora Enterprises President Philip de Souza. “That’s why we staff our Helpdesk with certified frontline-support technicians, with years if not decades of experience in the type of problems our clients may encounter.

“Everyone at the dealership has the 1-866 Helpdesk number, so if anything goes down, they are instructed that this is the fastest way to get the answers they need,” Ferguson said. “We have been very happy with the service we have received thus far.”

Some companies may think that 24/7 service is an expense they cannot afford, but as de Souza points out, it usually ends up saving clients money and having a positive impact on the budget.

“When the computers go down, they need to be fixed as soon as possible, or the losses incurred through downtime can add up quickly,” de Souza said. “Imagine how much it would cost to have an IT expert on staff around the clock to deal with these situations. With Aurora’s 24/7 Managed Helpdesk, supplemented by our regularly scheduled onsite visits, we can provide companies like Cormier Chevrolet with peace of mind.”

The Helpdesk service can be utilized from the office, from home, or from the road, should there be a problem with a client’s laptop or network connection. And Aurora’s client specific knowledge expedites the resolution process. “Aurora knows what types of IT situations we face most often, and that makes it easier for them to help us and easier for us to get the answers we need,” Ferguson said. “We’ve been very pleased with their service.”

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