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Data Secured at Encore Health Resources

SaaS Encryption for 60 laptops in less than one week

• Needed a managed service for laptop encryption
• Wanted to protect sensitive patient and medical data

• Contacted Aurora

• Full laptop encryption with automatic security updates
• No equipment to purchase or servers to install

“When I found out Aurora provided PGP encryption that immediately put them at the top of my provider list..”
–Debra Niemeyer, Encore Health Resources

Encore Health Resources is a healthcare IT consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. The company assists provider organizations in planning, implementing and adopting the technologies required to successfully participate in the health information technology funding act proposed under the new economic stimulus plan.

As with any company in the field of health care, data security is a paramount concern. “Our consultants work in hospital IT departments. We want to ensure that we maintain our clients trust by securing their data,” said Debra Niemeyer, the company’s IT Director.

Niemeyer contacted Aurora. “We were looking for an encryption solution with a hosted service that could easily be implemented and managed virtually. PGP is well known in the industry and when I found out Aurora provided PGP encryption that immediately put them at the top of my provider list,” she said.

Aurora’s managed service for laptop encryption was delivered via a software-as-a-service offering, an arrangement Niemeyer preferred. “Encore is a virtual company and we depend almost entirely on managed services,” she explained. “We signed up, I gave the Aurora team my user list and they had us up and running in no time. It was very simple.”

More than 60 laptops at Encore Health Resources have since been encrypted. “It’s a pretty seamless transition,” said Ed Mori, Manager of Security Services at Aurora. “Encore provided us with a list of users, and we emailed them a link from which they could download and install the encryption application from our web server. After that, all updates and upgrades are delivered automatically.”

Aurora’s Healthcare SaaS solution locks down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive, or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system files and temp files. The encryption is transparent to the user, automatically protecting employee files, patient and medical data. The service includes the pre-boot encryption software, a key recovery service should that be necessary, plus reports on the encryption status of each machine for compliance and auditing. And by opting for a SaaS solution, Encore not only saved time, they lowered their costs as well. “In a non-SaaS situation, a company would have to buy equipment, install central servers and backup servers, train employees and maintain a trained IT encryption resource on staff,” Mori explained. “That can take a few months to get accomplished. Our solution can be implemented in anywhere from three days to one week, and is offered at a fixed price every month.”

Aurora hosts the central servers for its virtual encryption customers, and manages any changes when companies like Encore Health Resources hire or lay off employees. “We take care of everything, so they can focus on running their business,” Mori said.

“All of our employees carry a laptop, so knowing that their data will be secure, even if one gets lost or stolen, is invaluable,” Niemeyer said. She has already recommended Aurora’s security services to other companies.

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