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Aurora Provides 24/7 Managed Helpdesk Support for Frieda’s

• Wanted to outsource IT service, maintenance
• Needed to keep IT systems running to avoid downtime
• Needed 24-hour response to IT problems

• Access to Aurora’s 24/7 Helpdesk

• Technology issues handled in a prompt, efficient manner
• Outsourcing maintenance issues frees company IT manager to focus on other tasks

In 1962, Frieda Caplan opened a small stand at the Los Angeles Produce Market. Today, more than 40 years later, Frieda’s has grown into one of the leading produce suppliers to supermarkets, restaurants and distributors. The company introduced the kiwi to America, and now supplies more than 600 specialty fruits and vegetables from an 81,000 square-foot warehouse in Orange County.

Frieda’s daughter, Jackie Caplan Wiggins, serves as vice-president of the company, and more recently assumed the responsibilities of managing the company’s IT strategy. At that time, Frieda’s was running on an NT Server. “We were able to use our existing hardware and software to maintain our system, but we were at the point where after 8-10 years, we couldn’t do it any longer,” Wiggins said.

A significant hardware upgrade began one year ago, and the company’s current IT Project Lead is still working on the equipment migration. That didn’t leave him free to handle the numerous other IT issues that occurred every week. Acting on a recommendation from her human resources manager, Wiggins contacted Aurora to explore the possibilities of outsourcing.

“The manager’s primary goal was to maintain and improve the in-house proprietary systems at Frieda’s, but he was being inundated with other help issues, which made it difficult for him to function or deliver on his goals,” said Philip de Souza, president of Aurora. “Through our expertise and our 24/7 Managed Helpdesk, we were able to help him clear his desk. Now he no longer worries about the day-to-day routine issues, and can focus on more important matters.”

Aurora’s 24/7 Managed Helpdesk provides live, US-based technical support for a wide variety of software and hardware products. “It’s been the biggest benefit of our association with Aurora,” Wiggins said. “It alleviated all of the problems that before would be handled by our IT Project Lead, and be disruptive to his time.”

Now, when an employee needs help connecting a printer, or has a problem connecting with the network, or can’t get a program to boot up, or receives an error message, they call the Helpdesk. “These are the types of issues that, if you’re not tech-savvy, you don’t know how to handle,” Wiggins said. “They may be minor but they still take time, and with Aurora taking charge of those issues, it keeps our IT Project Lead from getting involved.”

Wiggins has used the Helpdesk several times, and has always been pleased with the quality and time of the response. “One time the Internet was down when I was traveling, and I had to troubleshoot from the hotel. I didn’t know if it was my computer, or the hotel connection. But I went through the Helpdesk and we were able to figure out the situation,” she said.

“If something goes wrong, day or night, whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road, the Helpdesk is available,” de Souza said. “By letting Aurora help employees with their IT problems, companies like Frieda’s are free to focus more on their core business and development projects, as well as increasing productivity.”

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