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PGP Protects Confidential Data on Laptops Globally at IMERYS; Aurora Provides Expert Consultation, Implementation & Compliance Training


• Wanted to secure information on laptops in the U.S, Asia and Europe, in case of loss or theft
• Needed a global whole disk encryption solution to address a security vulnerability


• Contacted Aurora, an encryption specialist partner for Symantec.


• PGP Whole Disk Encryption installed globally
• All configuration, training and testing completed
• All sensitive data secured
– Mitigated Risk from Data Loss and Compliance Mandates

“What brought us to utilize Aurora was the recommendations from Symantec to go to them.”
– Craig Lichty, IMERYS

Combining high-quality mineral resources with advanced industrial know-how and technologies, IMERYS is the world leader in adding value to minerals. The company’s specialties have applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, food, personal care, telecommunications and energy. IMERYS is active in 47 countries and achieved more than €3.3 billion in sales in 2010.

According to Craig Lichty, the company’s Global IT Security Manager, IMERYS relies on Gartner Industry Advisory Services for optimum leveraging of its technology. “Without that council we don’t make any decisions,” he said. It was Gartner that originally led the company to Symantec, after analyzing and testing the top whole disk encryption solutions of other companies, in a virtualized environment. “Symantec’s best move was to purchase PGP,” Lichty said. “It’s a great product and it put them at the forefront of the industry.”

Once the decision was made, the responsibility of providing protection to 8,500 end points around the world was given to Aurora. “What brought us to utilize Aurora initially was the recommendations from Symantec to go to them,” Lichty said.

“The reason that PGP Whole Disk Encryption was chosen was the need for the executive teams and those who are out in the field that carry sensitive company information on their laptops to be able to ensure that if lost, they would not lose proprietary information,” explained Dennen Monks, Professional Services Engineer at Aurora. “The project scope involved setting up the PGP Universal Servers with high availability, one in the US and one in France. It also involved working with and training the administrative groups that would be handling the implementation and supporting of PGP Whole Disk Encryption.”

At first, however, IMERYS considered other installment and configuration options from competitors that may have been purely cost efficient options. “But ultimately, I made a business recommendation to go with Aurora & Symantec based on Aurora’s skill set, expertise and domain knowledge, that became apparent through our extensive POC process,” Lichty explained.

Implementation involved going through the setup process and ensuring high availability, as well as training the administrative team on whole disk recovery tokens, deployment processes, and enrollment processes with the server. The Aurora professional services team performed two training sessions and walked through the policies for Whole Disk Encryption, highlighting the benefits and potential pitfalls of each one.

The combined knowledge and skill sets of Lichty and Monks helped to expedite the process. “We had a full virtualized environment in place both in Paris and in North America, and when the Aurora team got there, many of the deliverables were already finished,” Lichty recalls. “But we really went in-depth in utilizing the Aurora professional services team for a lot of the continuity efforts, consumer efforts and other aspects that all contribute towards a successful global security project.”

As a result, all proprietary information on IMERYS company laptops were secured in a way that if lost, the company would be covered.

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