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Aurora Enterprises Rescues Critical Data for M Advisory Group

IT Expertise Transforms a “Potential Disaster” Into “Minor Inconvenience”

•  Wanted a Reliable IT Network Consultant
•  Needed to Recover Critical Data After a Hard Drive Crash

• Contacted Aurora Enterprises

•  IT network restored with minimal data loss
•  Network reliability upgraded
•  Prompt and thorough customer service

I’m happy to report that your firm’s professionalism and responsiveness in our time of crisis has allowed us to completely sever ties with our previous IT consultant, knowing that our newly established relationship with Aurora Enterprises will meet our IT Consulting needs.

Matthew Pressler, COO, M Advisory Group

For more than 45 years, M Advisory Group has specialized in the design of tax advantaged financial solutions for Southern California entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and key executives of mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. The company is a principal shareholder of M Financial Group, one of the nation’s most prominent and influential "producer owned" consortiums of select independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms.

Cutting-edge technology has long been a part of M Advisory Group’s efforts to serve the financial needs of its highly successful clientele. But the company’s Torrance, California office suffered a potentially disastrous calamity as a result of a negligent IT consultant. “The consultant we originally contracted with was acquired by another company, and when that happened their service really started to fall off,” remembers Matthew Pressler, COO of M Advisory Group.

“In 2005 we had the company out to try and upgrade our backup system, and in the course of doing so they managed to crash the entire network, corrupt our hard drive and wipe out all of the data that was on there,” Pressler said. “Fortunately we had a backup tape copy of the network but it was a month old. That was the problem they were originally there to fix, and instead they just made it much worse.”

Pressler knew of Aurora Enterprises through the local Chamber of Commerce, and called them to see if they could help. “Aurora was onsite immediately. They did an analysis of the existing hard drive to see if it could be recovered; ultimately it couldn’t, but they worked tirelessly over the next 2-3 days to restore our network, and get us back up and running,” Pressler said. 

When the original project exceeded Aurora’s original 8-10 hour time estimate, an Aurora technician still remained onsite from 9AM-8PM on a Saturday and returned on Sunday for an additional hour to make sure the job was completed.

“We lost one month of data, but that’s much better than losing 40 years worth,” Pressler said. “With Aurora’s help we were able to recover large portions of what was lost through backups and other methods. Aurora turned a major disaster that would have been very difficult to recover from, into a minor inconvenience.”

Since then, M Advisory Group has remained an Aurora client, and has consulted with the company on various upgrades and technical issues. Aurora made recommendations to improve the reliability of the company’s network, and corrected a chronic hardware failure that prevented M executives from accessing their network from home.

After more than two years, Pressler remains impressed by Aurora’s dedication, and the reliability of their staff to get the job done thoroughly and correctly. “They’ve always been marvelous in responding quickly; usually they get a technician out to us the same day we call,” Pressler said. “We’re very confident in Aurora’s ability to deliver on what we need.”

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