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PGP deployment at Stanford University

We encrypted our laptops in the Student Affairs division at Stanford University with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). As a director of information technology, I immediately experienced greater peace of mind because I know the sensitive information on our laptops is secure. No greater testimony can exist than the fact that shortly after we encrypted our laptops one of them was stolen. The University’s exposure to risk from that event was effectively eliminated. In contrast a stolen but unencrypted laptop cost the University dearly because of the exposure to sensitive information.

As one of the encrypted laptop users myself, I notice no performance degradation. The only way I notice that PGP is on my system is when I boot the machine each day and enter my network userid and password. As a user, I don’t have to think about security as much – should I encrypt this file or that? – since the whole disk is encrypted.

I feel like I really did the responsible thing as a director for Stanford University and for the Student Affairs division to deploy PGP encryption. This was the right thing to do!

We felt we needed an experienced hand to help us successfully encrypt our machines. We turned to a PGP Gold Partner, Aurora. It was a good decision. Aurora worked closely with us to complete a proof-of-concept, deploy encryption on a few machines, fine tune, and perform knowledge transfer.

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