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Aurora Enterprises Helps The Termo Company Slam Its Spam

Oil and Gas Exploration Company Praises Aurora’s Expertise and Customer Service

•  Wanted an effective spam filter
•  Wanted a company that would be accessible and provide efficient customer service
•  Needed a company to research and implement IT solutions for challenges as they surface

•  Contacted Aurora Enterprises

•  Spam filter saves time and money
•  VMR server boosts company efficiency

The Termo Company is an independent Long Beach, California-based operation that specializes in oil and gas exploration and production throughout California, Wyoming and Louisiana. Over the years, their success has been gained through a focused process of acquisition and exploration.

However, it can be hard to focus on the most critical issues when the company email box is filled with more than 1,500 junk emails every day. In addition to the ongoing annoyance, the volume of unwanted email increased the possibility of a virus invasion that could result in serious and costly damage. That’s why IT Manager Eddie Bellinaso contacted Aurora Enterprises.

“Eighty percent of our email was spam. It takes a lot of time for employees to go through the lists, which became overwhelming after awhile,” Bellinaso said. “We asked Aurora for their guidance on acquiring an effective spam filter. They were the local vendor for IronMail by CipherTrust, which seemed like the managed mail solution we needed.”

The selection and installation process went very quickly, with Aurora onsite as needed to facilitate the project. “It’s so much easier to have a relationship with people you can talk to in person, rather than just by phone and email,” Bellinaso said.

The spam filter performed as promised, and The Termo Company has since upgraded from a managed service off site to having a filtering appliance in house. “We discovered later on that it was a disadvantage dealing with a third party hosting the managed solution, with issues such as whitelisting, since they were on the east coast,” Bellinaso explained. By bringing the appliance in here, we have control over it and any problems or adjustments we can take care of ourselves. Once again, Aurora was involved in this important transition. We got the appliance through them, and they installed it. It was much easier to rely on Aurora’s expertise, knowing they would find the best product at the best price.”

One year later, Bellinaso still meets with Aurora representatives every week to discuss a variety of IT issues, and solicit input on projects such as the installation of a VMR server, which The Termo Company uses for accounting and production tasks. “We’re a small company but there’s always a lot going on, so having Aurora take care of everything, instead of micromanaging every IT situation that comes along, makes my job a lot easier.”

In fact, when Bellinaso wanted to go to Europe for five weeks to attend the World Cup, one of his first calls was to Aurora Enterprises Sales Manager Ralph Figueiredo. “He agreed to be on call, and come in once a week for a few hours to take care of any maintenance situation, make sure the backups were running, and that everything was status quo,” Bellinaso said. “It probably helped that Ralph was a soccer fan.”

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