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Security Strategy Development

The Security Strategy Development analyzes your current architecture, looking for gaps, operating inefficiencies, areas of security tool cost overrun, areas of weak productivity and misalignment with business goals.

Over time  organizations layer security measures, security procedures and technology as needed, or as a remediation for compliance, making a system wide review necessary. Unplanned security architecture is often mismatched, and builds inefficiencies over time, that are not readily apparent or security spending can be on the wrong technologies without an understanding of where the risk truly lies in the architecture.  A robust security Strategy is an end-to-end analysis of potential risk based on business requirements. All applications running and their risk levels have to be integrated with network security requirements and these have to meet practical policy and procedural processes.  

The focus is on implementing good security measures over time. With a forward looking, detailed architecture, you can fix your current weaknesses, and anticipate future risk and implement mitigation strategies. A solution will be developed that is specific to the available resources and maps closely to the business goals of the organization. Risk mitigating measures are developed with security technologies that fit the corporate framework. . Policies are unique to your organization and can be tailored against such industry best practices such as ISO and CoBIT standards.

A complete set of security policies can be developed including the infrastructure, third-party, asset classification, accountability, personnel security, physical and environmental security, communications security, operations security, user education and awareness, access control, system development life cycle, business continuity, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. We can develop policies tailored to your business and teach your staff how to maintain them appropriately. We map policies to industry best practices, develop processes to keep new policies up-to-date and develop basic “Do’s and Don’ts” training material to disseminate to all employees.

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