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At Aurora Enterprises, we want to keep you apprised of important information that may have an impact on you and your business. Through our partnerships with some of the leading providers of IT security solutions, Aurora offers insight into the marketplace through the latest research reports and security studies. Click on the links below to stay up to date.

Key Elements of Data Loss Prevention

Every day, data is being removed from corporate networks, whether by accidental or malicious means. Once it is removed, the risk to the company can be substantial, and may result in industry sanctions, lawsuits, brand damage and the loss of consumer confidence.

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Upgrading to Guardian Edge Hard disk Encryption

Data is your most valuable asset. One of the most popular choices for IT data security has been Encryption Plus, originally released by GuardianEdge back in 1994. As we advance technologically it is important the you encryptions solutions keeps up with your needs. GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption (GEHD) provides more comprehensive protection, as well as several important features to improve convenience, manageability and security.

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Information Security a Priority at Fortune® 1000 Organizations

Data security is a top priority among the world’s Fortune® 1000 companies. Security budgets are on the rise, as IT professionals acknowledge how an investment in protecting data in email, servers and mobile devices can prevent multimillion dollar losses in the event of a breach, as well as a public relations nightmare. Discover what steps can be taken to avoid these potential calamities, and read more about the data security companies used by the Fortune® 1000 to keep their information safe.

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Preventative Data Security Solutions

The 2006 Annual Study on the Cost of a Data Breach Presents Compelling Evidence for the Importance of Preventative Data Security Solutions
The cost of securing an IT network is minimal when compared to the losses incurred when data is compromised, according to the 2006 Annual Study on the Cost of a Data Breach. When the impact on a company’s public reputation and bottom line is calculated, the decision to institute preventative measures seems obvious, yet many businesses still choose to forego the safeguards available, and hope for the best. Discover the risks of doing so, and the rewards of effective security solutions.

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Data Security Breach Notification

A secure infrastructure is an essential step in the establishment of any successful business. Unfortunately, many companies do not plan ahead and suffer severe repercussions for their hesitance, as illustrated by the National Survey on Data Security Breach Notification. Discover how the cost of securing your network is economical when compared to the costs that can be incurred by a security breach.

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Malware Attacks

Short for malicious software, Malware is designed to infiltrate a computers without the user being aware. Malware is a blanket term for any type of software created specifically to cause damage to a computer, a server or an IT network. The most common types of malware are viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. The evolution of Web 2.0 adoption has created new security concerns that cannot be addressed by 1.0 solutions. A study commissioned by Secure Computing found that 73% of companies surveyed experienced a virus attack, 57% discovered spyware in their IT system, and more than 45% had to deal with Trojans and key loggers. And because the attacks are more sophisticated, it often takes longer to expose them – sometimes as long as 300 days or more.

Solutions to dealing with Malware are detailed and all encompassing, from a security evaluation, and routine hardware checks to staying with the current technology. Reputation and intent-based techniques have emerged as the most effective, reliable and affordable solutions available. Click here to read more about this growing threat.

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HIPAA Compliance

Different industries have different regulatory requirements regarding the security of the sensitive information in their care. For healthcare providers, those requirements have been established by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which created standards for the storage, protection and transmission of all medical records.
Click here to read a white paper on how HIPAA can affect your business and your customers.

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PCI Compliance

PCI affects any company that processes, stores or transmits credit card information. The standards are designed to protect client information and deter fraud. The cost of not implementing the PCI standards can be severe. However, fear should not be the motivator for implementing PCI standards. Becoming PCI compliant is an excellent way to improve the security and IT standards of your organization. This white paper is written for executives and IT managers, regardless of technical ability.

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